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Engel Air Conditioning and Heating Corp: Professional Heating and Air Conditioning Installations

The importance of finding the right company to install your new system

Investing in a new energy-efficient air conditioning system can be a complex process. Fundamentally, the best air conditioning system is one that handles your home's heat load efficiently for the least cost. However, a poor installation can cost you more in the long run, so you shouldn't trust just anyone with the high voltage electrical and gas burning equipment in your home. A guy with a truck off the street might be cheap, but when it comes to the safety and quality of his work, your family probably can't afford it. You want a professional job done right the first time.

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A properly installed air conditioner or furnace helps to:

  • Ensure that comfort levels are met

  • Keep equipment running to manufacturers' specifications

  • Reduce on-going service costs

  • Extend the life of the unit

  • Create less noise when running

What's more, having air conditioning doesn't just keep you and your family comfortably cool and dry. It can also protect your home. Since heat and humidity can swell wood furniture, flooring, molding, and structural beams, this can eventually cause serious damage. Summer weather also makes basements damp and can spread mold or mildew.

Don't take a chance when it comes to your safety and gets a strong start from the beginning by hiring only experienced, credentialed professionals to install your HVAC equipment.

Today's HVAC systems deliver highly efficient heating and cooling only when they are installed correctly. When installed improperly, they deliver poor performance and expensive headaches down the road.

For your home's HVAC system to work efficiently, your heating and cooling loads need to be accurately assessed. Since these loads vary from room to room, the output from both the heating and air conditioning components must be correctly matched to your home's size. The amount of airflow through the space must also match the capacity of the blower (or fan). And lastly, the ductwork must be properly sized to evenly distribute heating and cooling throughout your home without substandard short cuts that introduce dust or mold.

Even if the system is designed by a professional, the installation job can be bungled by someone who lacks the right training. You might find someone who promises to complete the installation for a cheaper price but remember that an efficient HVAC system is an expensive investment in your home's value and your family's comfort and safety. You don't want to jeopardize its function, and possibly cost yourself more money later on, by opting for a questionable installation job.

Our installation technicians have been factory-trained, knowledgable and take pride in performing the best they can.

Source: Direct Energy

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